Darlene's Insight on: 9 Pitfalls for Sellers to Avoid


  1. Don't get emotionally involved. When you put your home on the market you should start thinking as a business person instead of as the owner of the home you are selling. (try not to have hurt feelings if several buyers look at your home and do not make an offer
  2. Before you put your home on the market Sellers need to get their home in showing condition.   This involves Cleaning your home windows included – Decluttering your home – Making sure everything is in working condition – Having the curb appeal of your home looking as good as it can.
  1. Don't try to hide or cover up problems of your home.
  2. Don't over price your home. Who determines the price of your home? Working with an agent to help you determine the right praice to list your home is a good place to start.   The agent should look at what has sold around your home plus the agent should also look at the over all real estate market.
  3. If Sellers have pets, they need to consider their pets.  If the Seller has cats, the Sellers need to make sure that the liter boxes are cleaned out.   If Seller has dogs or a dog the seller will need to determine if the dog can be left in the home for the showings.   If the dog does not respond well to strangers, it might be better to remove the dog or dogs for the showings.
  4. Sellers need to make their home available for buyers to look when the buyers want to look. Since all buyers are different you might have buyers wanting to look during the day or at night or on the weekends.
  5. Sellers need to keep their home in showing condition throughout the listing.
  6. Sellers need to understand that they will probably need to renegotiate the price.
  7. Another mistate that Sellers make is signing a contract with an unqualified buyer. Another thing that Sellers so not want to do is to sign a contingent contract with the continguency being on a home that may not sell.